Here are some of the ways we serve artists in the community.

Gallery space

We support artists of all disciplines, and rotate artwork in our gallery located at the entrance to the Living Arts Gathering House. If you are interested in sharing your work, please visit the contact page!

community events

We host events that promote individuals and organizations in our community.

  • Conferences, emphasize community development and upliftment.
  • Workshops, educate and improve the lives of our community. 
  • Fundraisers, help give local organizations a boost, or help community members and artists meet their needs.
  • Action Days, help the Living Arts Foundation meet its goals on the property in regards to environmental stewardship, while sharing skills and educating others.

promotion + resources

We are all about cross-pollination and promotion of potent organizations and artists at LAF. We strive to create symbiotic partnerships and relationships with members and groups in the Asheville / Candler area, and see our ships rise together by working together.

If you are interested in becoming a partner or member of LAF, please contact us through the Partners tab in our About page.