Self Care Sunday's at LAF
1:00 PM13:00

Self Care Sunday's at LAF

You are cordially invited to come fill your cup with our famous cucumber mint water at LAF every Second Sunday for Self Care Sunday's! We will fire up the Sauna at 2ish, sit by the rushing creek, and We just might get cozy with a movie on our large projector! Potluck and Love Donations!!

If Anyone is interested in giving a Self-care workshop, bodywork, treatments, etc. please contact Crystal Starre

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Bryan Divisions @ Living Arts Foundation
7:30 PM19:30

Bryan Divisions @ Living Arts Foundation

On September 13th 2019, rapper and producer Bryan Divisions will be bringing his high vibe and high energy live show to the Living Arts Foundation in Candler, NC.

With over 1 Million Streams Across Spotify, YouTube, and Soundcloud, Bryan has been constantly honing his craft over the years and continuously creates more music and videos which help uplift, inspire, and allow others going through spiritual shifts feel heard.

Bryan will be sharing a 45 minute live performance of his originally produced music, where you're welcomed to dance, sing a long, sit back or even do yoga! The aim of his music is to take you somewhere else and allow your true thoughts and emotions to arise within.

The live performance will be followed by a community free expression circle, where he'll create rhythms and offer the community in attendance a chance to have their voice heard, whether it's through freestyle rapping, or just letting emotions and words come out in a safe place.

Space is limited so purchase your tickets today!

◢ Doors Open at 7PM / Show Begins at 7:30pm ◣
$10 Tickets

Discover more about Bryan Divisions:

Official Website:

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LAF Gallery Fall Art Opening
6:00 PM18:00

LAF Gallery Fall Art Opening

Come and meet our new resident artists at Living Arts Foundation! We have curated a beautiful and harmonious display for your viewing and purchasing pleasure. We are excited to present these Artists and enjoy connecting with them around these beautiful pieces at this unique Fall Art Gallery at LAF!

We will be offering live music, hors d'oeuvres and elixirs.

About Brett Warniers:
He is a digital artist and animator from Asheville, North Carolina. Enticed into neon nether worlds each night, he follows the instructions in his visions, creating a synthesis of digital fantasy and new-age surrealism. A multimedia artist, he has created large scale digital paintings with exquisite detail, a cartoon from another planet called "Quantum Soup", and a catalog of psychedelic retro-future visuals. All of his art has a simple message behind each story - an interpretation of the code for finding our own personal fulfillment in life.

He is an Asheville based painter originally from the hills of Ohio. Gavin's work focuses on the connections we hold to our animal planet's cohabitants while breaking the rules of perspective by acknowledging the space that lies between. Blending psychedelic imagery and fantastical realism, Gavin seeks to create worlds that blend choas with harmony by finding the codes woven into the fibers of reality and allowing the finite to reveal the infinite.

Blais Bellenoit
He grew up in rural Massachusetts with my father, David Bellenoit and my Mother Rita Krupowicz. I was fortunate enough to be surrounded by art from the time I was born and was raised in a very creative environment. My mother was a professional Illustrator and worked on such books as The Hundred Year Christmas by David Morrell and The Talisman by Stephen King. My father was a salesman and small business owner. In his spear time he played guitar and often gigged as a live musician. As a result, I grew learning how to draw and play music, a gift that I am forever grateful for. Creativity ran deep in my family. My brother Adam Caddick had tremendous artistic skill as well and was a big inspiration for me in my early years.

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Frolic After Dark
to Aug 31

Frolic After Dark

Frolic After Dark is an 18 and up Fairy Themed Dance Party EVERY Final Friday!
We are celebrating all the Aug. bdays!

Super excited to announce we are Bombassic's AfterParty!!!

Bring your own cup!!! We love the earth!

We always book local DJ's and Musicians, vendors, healers, and artists.

Frolic raises money for our bigger project Imaginationland. We are raising money to acquire a large parcel of land for a community festival and event space!

aug 30:
9pm Doors check in setup.
10pm music starts!

10pm opening introduction.
Smokifantastic till 1130pm
Taishan Stone till 1am
short Imaginationland introduction
Chris Thurmond till 230 am

Watch the posts on the page for the local artists, vendors, and healers!!!
Like what we are doing...invite friends, tag people, and share!!!
see you there!!!

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Day Out of Time- Galactic Calendar Workshop and Cosmic Space Jam
to Jul 26

Day Out of Time- Galactic Calendar Workshop and Cosmic Space Jam

Join us for Space Station Plaza's 5th Day Out of Time Celebration!!

We will feature a Galactic Calendar Workshop with teachings from the Dreamspell and The Law of Time Foundation followed by a Cosmic Space Jam hosted by Seraphim Arkis-$13 at the Door/ Opens at 6 and workshop begins at 7!

In this workshop:
*Discover what the Dreamspell is and how you can implement this ancient timekeeping wisdom into your daily life by using the Galactic Calendar as your TIME guide

*Learn how about the energies of each day and how these Galactic Signatures cycle through the year leading us to Day Out of Time

*Decode each participants Galactic Signature and calculate our Group Energy using the creative tools on

*Activate TIME is ART in your life and discover the magic and synchronicity abound!

**Galactic Calendars and Galactic Destiny Cards will be available for sale at the event.

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Synthesis: Music, Movement & Magick
to Jul 19

Synthesis: Music, Movement & Magick

Syn·the·sis - a combination of individual parts into a unified whole.

Join the Audio Alchemy crew in the laboratory to imbibe an elixir of sound and light. Enjoy a multifaceted experience, including a music production workshop, collective meditation and four-hour dance journey.

Headed to STS9? This is a perfect way to warm up your weekend.

::: Flow :::

5 - 8pm
☿ Music Production Workshop
- The Art of Audio Alchemy w/ Opulence
- Composition & Sound Design w/ Pathwey

8 - 8:45pm
✨Twin Hearts Meditation
A group meditation experience for planetary peace.
- Facilitated by SurprisinglySimple

9pm - 1am
🎶Long Wave Dance Journey w/ Audio Alchemy Crew:





mystery performance ;)

⚡️Light show by SurprisinglySimple

::: Tickets :::

$20 - Audio Workshop + Meditation + Music
$10 - Meditation + Music

Workshop tickets are pre-sale only. Purchase here:

There are only 20 workshop seats available, so if you want to learn some next-level music wizardry, you don't want to miss this. Next time we do a workshop the price will be significantly higher. ;)

The main event starts at 8pm and tickets for that will be available at the door only.

More details coming soon!

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7:00 PM19:00

Sacred Rhythms Drum Tour

Are you ready to learn new progressive drum skills?

The Drum calling you to play it with open heart?

Ready to decode the beats you hear and translate them with your hands?

Well here you go!

The Modern Hand Drumming Intensive is now available!

You have access to this series anytime, anywhere.
We'll cover basic modern rhythms and ancient healing rhythms
As we honor the drum, it's origins and spiritual healing properties, we also want to dig deep and pull out that creative vibe that resides in ALL OF US!

This is a great tool for learning the self and community, and for finding your inner voice. Build your confidence in life, find your passion and purpose.

Let's get you drumming to help you clear your path and bring to fruition your daily desires and purpose

Purchasing and more information at;

Let's DRUM!

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to Jun 23

Frolic Dance Party

Frolic is BACK!!!! Frolic is a family friendly dance party. We pride ourselves to be ALL beings friendly. Regardless of race, Sexual orientation, spiritual preference, and age. We are light hearted, inner child oriented, fun loving, fairy gangstas that loveeeee to dance and shake our body parts. We show case local talents. Crafts, art, live painting, local musicians, healers, and more. Join us for a night of magic and support your community!!!
Music starts at 9 pm and will go till 2 am.
There will be vendors, art, refreshments, and "Fairy Spirits" to purchase.

We are teaming up with Open Wide, Living Arts Foundation, and Rhythm & Flow for a full day event starting at 1 pm. The ENTIRE event is $10.

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5:00 PM17:00

Rhythm & Flow Asheville Drum Circle

Very special MONTHLY Event will bring in drumming and drumcircle participation to ALL.

Rhythm and Flow is a very special gathering of rhythm makers and dancers and flow artisans to express themselves, as community powered entertainment alternatives , while exploring some of the spirit and energy of harmony thru rhythm. Open means it includes everyone , regardless of experience level, gender, race, spiritual path ...and we help to guide it into an enjoyable , if not an ecstatic movement, in the community! You will be welcomed!

Experienced drummers will be surprised with the rhythm potentials and the container of listening participants who find rhythm contributions, often with an ear and heart, for the collective.

This is an opportunity to sit with elders and young teachers alike, whose passions are to share this wonderful phenom of drumcircle as a healthy, fam friendly and fullfilling experience!

Rhythm & Flow Asheville is young and in creative mode , with drum lessons from the areas teachers, and with tribal discussions with Duende , exploring the spirit of circles, the sacred and the community development models . AND with a Lively 2 hour Drum and Dance circle .

If you are visiting Asheville , contact us, if you need encouragement to make the trip over !!

Dance Party after !!

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to Jun 23

Open Wide: A CommUNITY Arts Festival

Open Wide is a CommUNITY Arts Festival. This gathering is being co-created by Community Ambassadors and Artists to bring a showcase of our many many gifts that we want to share with YOU! This event is a FUNdraiser and supports the Foundation of Open Wide, A Community Fund for Preferred Health and Dental Care and all the people who put energy into making it happen! This event is held at Living Arts Foundation, a community art center in Candler, NC. Come check it out!

Door: $10 and Children under 12 are Free! Rain or Shine!
***Bring your own cup to enjoy our tea and water bar***

Vendors: Vending Fee is $25 in advance to hold your space! Space is limited. Assistants must pay $10 door fee.
Contact Crystal Starre to reserve your spot!

We will be offering a full day and evening line-up featuring a Stone Mandala Workshop, Sunset Unity Drum Circle, Frolic Dance Party, healing arts, workshops, Yoga, vendors, artists, food, beverages, music, and more!


3pm-Stone Mandala Workshop with Nathan Mansfield

5pm-Unity Drum Workshop and Sunset Drum Circle with Duende:

9pm-Frolic: A Dance Party!!

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6:30 PM18:30

Sound of Dharma - Sound Bath

Sound Healing is one of my favorite modalities because it directly effects the subconscious on many levels. Think about music in a movie, most scenes have very intentionally placed music to pull your emotional body in for entertainment. Similarly, I will be using more ambient music to set you into deep emotional states where negative thought forms, limiting beliefs, and more can come up to be released (this can be done in other ways, I just really love sound). Beyond a cellular level, cells are simply made of vibrations. What better way to effect your vibration than using vibrations directly? In the form of sound!?

During this journey, we will be tuning in and connecting to the breath, reaching states of deep relaxation, and witnessing expansion of our awareness on subtle levels. All of this will be supported by a journey of sound. I will be utilizing an array of ancient instruments to hold space for and to encourage you to experience these states, its up to you to climb the ladder of sound to get there. You will be experiencing the sounds of 10 crystal singing bowls, a gong, flutes, didgeridoo, vocal toning, a hand pan, and more as we take this 90 minute adventure together!

Sound Healing has been utilized for thousands of years as a medicine for many different ailments. Look it up and see how many different things people use it for! It seems endless!

***Bring a yoga mat, a blanket, a pillow, and/or anything else that will offer you contentment as you fully relax and fully receive!***
***Bring water


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to Jun 4

Kambo Asheville, Spring 2019

We are so excited to share that our Kambo medicine man from Chile will be coming to Asheville May 31-June 4! He carries the sacred medicine of the Kambo tree frog from the Noke Koi tribe in Amazonia, Brazil and has been working with Kambo for over 12 years, applying it for over 10. He works with love, presence, and a grounded commitment to healing.

Kambo identifies physical, emotional, and energetic toxins that have taken home in our body, mind and spirit, and removes what is not truly ours. Afterwards we are clear, happy, and ready to offer our life work!

The frog is a benevolent being who knows how to heal. Come receive the magic of this medicine! 💪 🐸 🔮💕🙌

Below is the schedule and additional healing offerings, as well as MORE INFO on Kambo as you scroll down! Please read!

1 or 2 session(s) = $80 each
3 sessions = $200 total
It is highly recommended to receive an initiation of 3 sessions as this will enable a solid foundation of "leveling up" and clearing. One treatment is better than none, yet consider going in for the deep dive. We have provided a discount for those committed to 3 sessions.
A link to schedule your appointment and intake form is here. Sessions need to be planned in advance, so it is important you reserve your appointment online here, and please read the instructions at the top of the page:

Bring a dish to share (no sugar, dairy or meat please!) and your questions for the team!

Envisioning the life we want to create AND Intro to Ayurvedic wisdom for day-to-day lifestyle guidance. This workshop is designed to ground into the shifts that we experience with Kambo, and how to effectively make stable changes in our life so we can effectively live our heart's purpose.

ThaiVedic Bodywork, Intuitive Massage Therapy, and Ayurvedic Lifestyle Guidance for preparation and integration of Kambo treatments, and day-to-day well-being. Massage and bodywork will be offered at $45/hour, and Ayurvedic lifestyle guidance (including food, diet, daily schedule, yoga, exercise, etc) designed for your unique constitution, can be integrated into your session(s), so you have tools to bring home with you!
Contact Eliza Volk or see her website: for more info.

A highly recommended, time-tested, ancient remedy for cleansing the digestive system in a grounded and stabilizing way. cleanses parasites, candida, and nourishes our life-force energy.
See link:
* Please tend to your body as well as possible prior to (and after) your treatments. More information can be found on Refrain from drug use, and minimize tobacco, marijuana, and alcohol. It is important to be clean, clear and focused (and Kambo will help you get there, as well). The Kitchari cleanse is great preparation.

CONTACT ELIZA VOLK AND KENAN ALDANA WITH FURTHER QUESTIONS. ALSO, is a great resource, as well as the Podcast with Tobias Thom listed on this page


What is Kambo and why use it?
Kambö comes from a secretion produced by the Phyllomedusa bicolor frog, more commonly known as The Green Monkey Frog or Sapo. This powerful, beautiful, bright green frog releases a neuro-toxin that is collected and administered onto our skin, where it transforms into a cleanser and immune boosting healing agent in the human body.

The Kambö medicine delivers a series of bioactive peptides – short chains of amino acids that bind to human cell receptors and catalyze transformative physical detoxification and psychic, spiritual renewal. The frogs are not harmed in the process of offering its secretion.

Kambö does not have any psychoactive compounds and is not considered a psychedelic medicine. It has been studied for its unique immune boosting properties, as well as its ability to clear infections, pathogens and resolve chronic illnesses and diseases of various kinds.

Psychospiritually, Kambö has been associated with clearing the mind, body, and spirit of unwanted waste and baggage known as ‘Panema’. ‘Panema’ is the accumulated plaque that we all carry on and inside of us, not only from past hardship and trauma, but from what we inherit from our ancestors as well. The clearing away of the toxic build up is facilitated by a toxin itself. The venomous secretion produced by The Green Monkey Frog not only gives our immune and lymphatic system a major wake up call, but often facilities deeper emotional healing along the way as it helps us to clear out what no longer serves us. Kambö continues to be studied scientifically, and we are in an ongoing process of learning about the unique chemistry and effects that this medicine harbors.

We hope you say YES to this phenomal healing journey of working with the benevolent Kambo tree frog! 🐸 💕 🔮

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2:00 PM14:00

Herbal First Aide Workshop and Market Opportunity

Come out for Self Heal Sunday May 26th from 2-6pm and bring your favorite herbs and healing modalities for Herbal First Aide. Monica Nolan, M.Ac, and Certified Chinese Clinical Herbalist will facilitate a workshop and provide information on how Herbalists, Medicine Makers, Acupuncturists and natural healers can "Get on the Bus" (Huang Di: The Yellow Emperor) a Mobile Acupuncture and Herbal First Aide Clinic. We will be providing Herbal First Aide and acupuncture for the new Enka-Candler Tailgate market starting in June 2019! PM Monica Nolan for more information. Hope to see you there!

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1:00 PM13:00

Open Wide-A CommUNITY Arts Festival

Open Wide is a CommUNITY Arts Festival. This gathering is being co-created by Community Ambassadors and Artists to bring a showcase of our many many gifts that we want to share with YOU! This event is a FUNdraiser and supports the Foundation of Open Wide, A Community Fund for Preferred Health and Dental Care and all the people who put energy into making it happen! This event is held at Living Arts Foundation, a community art center in Candler, NC. Come check it out!

Suggested Donation $10-$30 and Children are Free!

We will be offering a Daytime line-up featuring a Childrens Costume Dance Party, Sunset Unity Drum Circle, healing arts, workshops, Yoga, vendors, artists, food, beverages, music, and more!

We will continue the gathering into the night with music and dancing!

Mark your calendars and stay tuned for the schedule of events!

Want to share your gifts?

Looking for more Music and Art!

Volunteers work 3 hour shifts and receive entry, food, and tea!

Selected Vendors pay 22% of sales which is below normal consignment and event fees. As a new event, we want to ensure everyone succeeds!

Please message us From this event page or at to apply!

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6:30 PM18:30

Back to Earth: A Sensual Sonic Soiree

Do you ever look up at the stars and feel a pang in your heart, like there's a part of you just longing to go home?

When you witness the systems and human behaviors all around you, do you ever find yourself feeling out of place, wondering why on Earth your spirit chose to come to this dense reality?

Do you have a deep desire to see things shift towards greater harmony on this planet, but aren't sure what you can do to help bring about this change?

Do you sometimes struggle to feel connected with your body, with tribe, and with your primal sensual nature?

You are not alone. There are many of us who share this same sense, who feel the call to help anchor in the next wave of cosmic consciousness sweeping the planet. Yet we often feel alone, overwhelmed and unsure of how to survive, let alone how to thrive and truly make an impact.

And so, we gather.

In honor of the New Moon, we come together to recover the seeds of our soul's unique expression and to plant those seeds deep in the Earth with help from our spirit tribe, those who understand and share a similar vision.

Join Sacred Embodiment Facilitator Hannah Borababy and Special Musical Guests Ashley Cash and Jim Cash of Woven Green as they join forces to guide you on a Sacred Sound Journey that will bring you back home to Source to recover your soul mission, attune your energy centers, and anchor your Divine Purpose into your Body, into Community, and into the Earth.

Come be a part of this special opportunity to embark upon...

✨A Sound Healing Activation
✨A Guided Soul Retrieval
✨Primal Alchemical Movement
✨Heart-opening Community Ritual
✨Sacred Sensual Embodiment

Doors Open at 6:30pm
Ceremony begins at 7pm
Doors close at 7:15pm

What to bring:
Yoga mat, blanket, pillow, and sensual snack to share

Donation $30 - Advanced Registration Preferred
Register here:

Discount Volunteer Tickets Available for:
Set-up Fairies
Parking Attendant
Portal Keeper
Clean-up Fairies

(PM Hannah for volunteer coordination)

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3:30 PM15:30

The Asheville Art Hop - a Creative Artist Meetup

We hope you'll drop by during our evening of Live Art at the Living Arts Foundation -

Share an easel, bring a sketchbook or just stop by and join in on the creative vibes.


We are gathering near Asheville with intention to share creative space.

*acrylics, watercolors , pastels, pens, pencils, origami, writing, spoken-word welcome.


"Buddha on Main St."
A series of stories woven together from documentaries around the world.

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12:00 PM12:00

Artisan Holiday Craft Fair

Looking for creative and unique gift ideas for your favorite family members? 
This December, stop by the Holiday Gift Fair at the Living Arts Foundation, where you will find amazing, handcrafted gifts designed by local artists, and give the ones you love the something special they deserve. 

Artists, Potters, Jewelers, and more will bring out their vibrant wares for your holiday shopping needs. 

✧✧Register online for a chance to vend at this unique event in a unique location. ✧✧
You can register online:

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to Dec 31

Open House Gallery Showings

Living Arts Foundation will be Open for viewings by appointment. 

Please give us a call if you'd like to stop by!

(828) 633-6787


exhibits by Ryan O'Sullivan (BlackWolf), Andy Reed (Infinite Geometry), Sue McQueen, and LazyPretty!

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to Jul 13

Vivid Livin

Join us at the Living Arts Foundation to celebrate the addition of the works of (the extremely talented) Ashley Spero to our gallery!

Our artists - the day-glo druidess Ashley Spero and the midnight mystic Danielle Sperandeo - will be on site, sharing the vivacity of their creative process with you!

Musical ambience provided by DJ M80 (the trip-hop artisan of Green Street) and Day Dreams (celestial grooves straight from Atlanta)! More musical acts TBA

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to Jun 8

Pretty Colors, Summer Vibes

Join us for an evening of inspiring artwork and mellow grooves with Asheville's loveliest humans, as we kick off our summer art series here at the Living Arts Foundation.

Featuring mind-blowing visionary artwork by:

Danielle Sperandeo
Mischa Schultz
Utopian Slur

With sweet, seductive sounds provided by:

DJM80 (of Cold Busted and Green Street)
Day Dreams

No cover. Our only expectation is that you honor the space and be awesome AF. 

Welcome to our community!

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to May 23

The Decompression ft Erothyme, Little Star, Somatoast

Harmonia and The Undergrowth Present
The Decompression
May 22, 2018
The Living Arts Foundation
Join us for a leisurely day of nourishment and relaxation, followed by a juicy, intimate night of beautiful, bass-ful music. 

Leisurely Early Entry: $15
Music: $22 ADV/ $25 Door

For "Leisurely Entry", you will need to also have a "Musical Entry" pass.

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10:00 AM10:00

New Moon Action Day

Join us on the new moon for a LAF Action Day and Community Potluck!

Past projects have included:

- rammed earth, recycled tire retaining wall

- raised bed and garden creation projects

- bamboo management and maintenance

- fire pit and patio development

- general upkeep and cleanup of community grounds

- recycled wood building projects 

And much more!

The New Moon Action Day is an amazing opportunity to get hands-on experience with projects that help to make the Living Arts Foundation the best it can be for our community to gather, learn and prosper.

We follow up the action day with a community potluck. All are welcome, bring your friends and family!

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to Oct 1

Equinox Exhibition: Levitation Theory "Progressions"

Join us for an Equinox Exhibition: Levitation Theory "Progressions" 
An artist's exploration into different mediums over the span of 20+ years.

Works include original video and light production, hand-made kaleidescopes and other two and three dimentional multi-media works of art.

Each night we will host an open house viewing, and cap the week off with a finale art party on Saturday featuring live DJ's, local art + vendors, fine art raffle, bonfire, lightshow and more!

Opening Reception | Tuesday, Sept. 27 | 3-9 pm | wine and refreshments | Free to attend

Open House | Tuesday to Friday | Sept.27 - 30 | 3-9pm | Free to attend

Finale Art Party | Saturday, Oct. 1 | 8pm-2am | $10-$20 sliding scale donation at the door + automatically entered to win visionary art print on metal

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7:00 PM19:00

Movie Night

Join us for Movie Night every Thursday at 7pm! 

We select films that are both educational and entertaining. Topics include environmental activism, art, community, permaculture, philosophy and psychology, politics and economics and more.

Each month we showcase children's movies that are related to the environment, community and kindness, such as our latest showing of The Lorax by Dr. Seuss.

Free event

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10:00 AM10:00

Community Co-Working

A pop-up Community Co-Working space
Join us for a weekly come-and-go, small group meet-up to focus on personal projects related to creative economy in a relaxing, artistic community space. 
Together we can work and share our knowledge base
to further creative and professional development.

Come and go | 10am to 2pm | every Wednesday

Coffee + tea + light snacks will be provided. 
$5 suggested donation. 
Donations of tea, coffee and/or snacks
are welcomed, but not required.

gather | connect | focus | skill share | learn | manifest

Work Flow Wednesdays provide dedicated time to creative personal or group projects and planning, and will begin by asset mapping ourselves as artists, writers, designers, herbalists, entrepreneurs, jack’s and jill’s of all trades, etc.

In a community setting we can focus more intently on personal creative projects (like sitting at a coffee shop and working solo), but have the added bonus of talented and experienced community members available to support and assist when we hit snags in our work-flow.

This is a time to focus and/or receive assistance in some of the following areas:
- Writing / Blog development
- Marketing / Social media
- Fundraising / Crowdfunding / Grant writing
- Eco-conscious business
- Small business start-up
- Website development / graphic design

If you are a creative person and/or small business owner, working to manifest your vision in the world via your creativity, this is the place to be for Wednesday brunch!

In the same way that group exercise creates more strength and accountability, our goal at these meet-up’s is to focus, set goals, learn new skills for self-sufficiency as creative professionals, and manifest our goals while propelling us all forward with more efficiency and less stress.


Living Arts Foundation at the Living Arts Gathering House
(13 minutes west of Asheville via I-40)
51 Old Candler Town Rd | Candler, NC 28715

All public areas of the property are open to community members to work. However, projects involving power tools are discouraged during Work Flow.

Located just past the kitchen and bathroom

Relaxing zone to work on the computer, writing, drawing, etc. with minimal conversation and noise.
Resource center is located in Quiet Cafe. If you need help printing, please ask for help.

We use Pomodoro timing to help stay focused. Come and go as you need, but please try to time your breaks (and questions, conversations, etc.) with the ones we’ll be taking every 25 minutes.

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to Jul 10

NuMundo: Southeast Bioregional Convergence

NuMundo is convening our regional network of impact centers, ambassadors and representatives in Asheville, North Carolina this summer to interface and exchange with our Southeastern community. NuMundo is a platform to connect travelers to transformational experiences (, with the mission of strengthening the positive impact of centers like yours. We would like to invite a select number of centers including yours on July 9th & 10th to the Living Arts Foundation, just outside Asheville, to gather and exchange with NuMundo and other projects and organizations. 

Our objectives for the convergence are to:

-Build face-to-face relationships between impact center founders, NuMundo ambassadors, strengthening the network of trust and collaboration.
-Facilitate the exchange of best practices, successful business models, resources, genetic material, hiccups and support the creation of an alliance.
-Exchange needs and haves between impact centers.
-Vision and co-create what the NuMundo network could be together. 
-Receive feedback on the NuMundo platform in order to develop it in a way that best meets impact centers’ needs.

Please RSVP by June 30th, 2016 by filling out this form:

-Bring a tent for camping (no charge), we ask $50 to cover costs of meals and delicious snacks and coffee. The event itself is free of charge (outside of food costs). Registration link:
-There are other accommodations nearby available for rent (email for more information).
-Please bring any seeds & plants, community agreements, operation systems, frameworks, or business models that you’re willing to share.

We are beyond excited to host this extremely potent convergence of impact centers, organizations, and representatives in hopes to bond stronger alliances, share vital resources and information and help inform the direction of the NuMundo network.

If you aren’t yet a part of our network, you can register for a NuMundo host profile for free in under 15 minutes through this link:

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