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Sound of Dharma - Sound Bath

Sound Healing is one of my favorite modalities because it directly effects the subconscious on many levels. Think about music in a movie, most scenes have very intentionally placed music to pull your emotional body in for entertainment. Similarly, I will be using more ambient music to set you into deep emotional states where negative thought forms, limiting beliefs, and more can come up to be released (this can be done in other ways, I just really love sound). Beyond a cellular level, cells are simply made of vibrations. What better way to effect your vibration than using vibrations directly? In the form of sound!?

During this journey, we will be tuning in and connecting to the breath, reaching states of deep relaxation, and witnessing expansion of our awareness on subtle levels. All of this will be supported by a journey of sound. I will be utilizing an array of ancient instruments to hold space for and to encourage you to experience these states, its up to you to climb the ladder of sound to get there. You will be experiencing the sounds of 10 crystal singing bowls, a gong, flutes, didgeridoo, vocal toning, a hand pan, and more as we take this 90 minute adventure together!

Sound Healing has been utilized for thousands of years as a medicine for many different ailments. Look it up and see how many different things people use it for! It seems endless!

***Bring a yoga mat, a blanket, a pillow, and/or anything else that will offer you contentment as you fully relax and fully receive!***
***Bring water


Earlier Event: May 31
Kambo Asheville, Spring 2019